SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law
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1. Law School possesses 7 subordinate sections: General Office, Staff Room of Legal Principle, Staff Room of Constitution, Staff Room of Administrative Law, Staff Room of Legal History, Staff Room of Administration and Youth League General Branch. 
2. At the same time, Law School has 4 research institutions, Administration Legal System Research Institution, Comparative Law Research Institution, Legal Methodology Research Institution and Constitutionalism Research Institution. 
3. Generally, the main courses given by Law School faculty are the science of law, the substantive law, the procedural law and systematic administration. 
4. In recent years, Law School faculty has published more than 320 theses in academic journals, among which, more than 140 are issued in the Chinese core journals and CSSCI source journals. At the same time, 16 monographs have been published. Furthermore, 19 national, provincial and ministerial level research projects from Education Ministry, Justice Ministry or Shandong Province, 8 research projects from Education Department of Shandong Province and 12 research projects from Shandong University of Political Science and Law have been undertaken or completed. 

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