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SHANDONG University of political science and law
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1. Law School, commissioned by the university, is responsible for the construction of two provincial featured disciplines - Bachelor in Law and professional training in Legal Affairs, which have successfully completed and won the awards of provincial featured disciplines. After many years of hard work and accumulation, Law School has become the cradle of cultivating judges, procurators and layers. 
2. Law School has one education training department - “Teaching and Practice Center of National Public Employment Examination and Enrollment”, which is a specialized non-profit department, offering public service. The center gives the students normal and emergent training practice for annual and all levels of civil servants entrance examinations. As a result, it has cultivated groups of excellent civil servants and public institution servants. With the enlarging social influence and contributions, the center receives lots of love and supports from students and society. Actually, it has become a training base for all levels of civil servants 
3. For a long time, Law School promotes the sprit of “Advocating Truth and Pursuing Honesty, Upholding Law and Clearing Principle”, establishing the sponsoring concept of “Promoting good style of study, cultivating moral development, setting up a good image and all for the students’ future”. At the same time, it proposes the learning sprit of “Study first, Seeking perfection”, holding firmly the guidelines of “Self-education, self-management and self-service”. Due to all of these measures, the comprehensive competitive power and cultural atmosphere of Law School have been promoted. 
4. From the foundation in 2004, Law School has won the award of “Advanced Unit of Universities in Shandong Province” and the award of “Advanced Group of Ideological and Political Education in Shandong Province”, evaluated by Education Department of Shandong Province and University Working Committee of Shandong Province. 

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