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Service Guide for Foreigners Living in Jinan

Welcome to Jinan ! Its our pleasure to introduce to you some laws and regulations concerning foreigners: a. Aliens holding visas Z, X,J-I shall, within 30 days of entry into China, obtain aliens residence permits from Dept. of Exit-Entry Administration, Jinan Public Security Bureau. The period of validity of the aforementioned residence permit is the duration of the holders permitted stay in China.  b. Aliens who need to prolong their residence in China beyond the expiration of their residence permits shall apply for an extension before the expiration of their permits from Dept. of Exit-Entry Administration, Jinan Public Security Bureau. c. In case of any changes in the information written in an aliens Residence permit, the holder of the permit shall, within 10 days, register such changes at Dept. of Exit-Entry Administration, Jinan Public Security Bureau. d. Aliens at the age of 16 and upwards who reside or stay in China shall carry with their passports for possible inspection by police in charge of foreign affairs. e. Aliens who wish to lodge at guesthouses, schools or other Chinese organizations(Foreign institutions in China), shall present their valid passports or residence permits and fill in registration forms of temporary accommodation. If an alien wishes to lodge at the home of a Chinese resident(or the home of an alien in China)in urban areas, the host or the lodger shall, within 24 hours of the lodgers arrival, report to the local public security organ with the lodgers passport and permit as well as the hosts residence booklet (passport), and fill in registration forms. Aliens holding long-term residence permits in Jinan who wish to lodge temporarily elsewhere than their own residences shall report and register accommodation in accordance with the Rules. f. Aliens who want rent a house shall apply to the local public security organ. Residences and offices that have already been established in restricted areas shall be moved to non-restricted areas within the time limit prescribed in the notice of moving issued by the city or county public security bureau. g. Aliens who have no residence permits or are on a study program in China shall not be employed in China without permission from the competent authorities of the Chinese Government. h. An alien whose Chinese visa or certificate is lost or damaged shall promptly report to the Exit and Entry Department under the Public Security Bureau and apply for a new one or a replacement. i. In order to drive, you should get a drivers license beforehand. The Chinese driver’s license can be given to those who has already owned a foreign license which is accepted by the Sate Department Police, and has passed the test offered by the Traffic Administration Public Security Bureau. Drivers should only drive the permitted type of vehicles by the driver’s licenses. When driving, you should make sure that your driver’s license is always together with you. Abide by the traffic rules. Follow the directions from the traffic police. No drink-driving.

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