SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law

Brief Introduction to Law Teaching and Training Center

Shandong University of Political Science and Law, a state-owned provincial university supervised by Shandong Department of Education, with higher education of law as its feature and of economics, management, and literature as its integrative components. The education of law can be traced back to the Shandong Cadre School of Political Science and Law founded in the year of 1955, with a history of more than a semicentury. The majors of law and legal affairs are its feature majors in Shandong Province, and the major of legal affairs (economics) is a reform pilot major designated by the Ministry of Education of PRC. Currently it has established dominant position on law education in Shandong Province with its eight quality courses in provincial level, one key provincial discipline, and one teaching team in provincial level. The university has been attaching great importance to the quality cultivating and the law education has been application-oriented, especially giving prominence to the long-established campus experimental teaching. The experimental teaching has always been an inseparable part of the law education, with two stages as follows:
Pioneering Stage (1985-2005): separate and scattered laboratories serving as a supplement to the theoretical teaching of law education;
Developing stage (2005-2009): the establishment of Law Teaching and Training Center promoting the leapfrog development of experimental teaching in law education.
Since 2005, the university has adhered to the course of intensive development, promoting the reform of experimental teaching of the law, thus accelerating the development of the center. The year of 2005 witnessed the establishment of the center as well as the completion of the office building. The center is responsible for the planning, functioning and management of the experimental teaching by integrating various kinds of resources, improving and upgrading the facilities, establishing the experimental teaching system, thus creating a provincially well-known integrated on-campus training center with its greatest scale, category and function. The expanded center currently has 17 laboratories, providing an ideal location for different experiments. The functions of the center fall into three categories, namely, experiment, training, and practice. To be specific, the experimental category embraces 5 labs, namely, the lab for document examination, the lab for trace detection, the lab for physical evidence collection, the lab of network security, and the lab of forensic accounting. The training category contains 10 labs, namely, 3 simulated courts, 2 simulated arbitration courts, one simulated lawyer firm, and one training room of litigation practice on civil affairs, one training room on criminal affairs, and one on public administration affairs, as well as one room on legal retrieval. The practice category includes legal clinic and legal aid center, 2 labs in total.
The center has gained widespread public praise among the counterparts and professionals with its updated notions, sound systems, excellent teams, sophisticated facilities, scientific management, great efficiency, and brilliant accomplishment and feature, and has been awarded the exclusive Provincial Model Center for Experimental Teaching in Law Education.
The center has published series of textbooks concerning experimental teaching in law education during recent years. With the ambition of building a National Center for Experimental Teaching in Law Education, the center has become a first-rank experimental teaching platform cultivating quality and application-oriented talents in law.

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