SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law

Responsibilities of Teaching Affairs Department

 Under the leadership of the University, Teaching Affairs Department is responsible for the process and purpose management of the teaching and admission affairs in the university. The main responsibilities of the department include the followings:
 I. Integrated Work
 1. to draft the teaching plans and documents;
 2. to guide, coordinate with, inspect and assess the teaching of each school and department;
 II. Teaching Affairs
 1. to examine and evaluate the teaching plans of every specialty put forward by the schools and departments,
 2. to organize teachers to edit, revise, print the teaching programs, textbooks and reference materials
 3. to supervise and assess the quality of teaching, to examine the state of execution of the teaching plan and program
 4. to allocate the classrooms, the projects, and classes of off-job students.
 5. to organize the tests, including the database of test papers, test organization, test disciplines, and paper printing of full-time students.
 6. to manage the affairs concerning internship and graduation thesis.
 7. to organize the academic lectures.
 8. to administer and maintain the simulated courts, simulated arbitration courts and multimedia classrooms.
 9. to manage the awards of teaching
 10. to be in charge of the teaching committee and textbook-editing committee.
 III. Students’ Registration
 1. to register the students’ information
 2. to examine and verify the student cards
 3. to examine, verify, and distribute the certificates;
 4. to register in the computer system;
 5. to preserve the files.
 IV. Students’ Admission
 1. to draft the admission plan
 2. to draft the admission policy and regulations
 3. to organize the publicity of the admission
 4. the admission of the students
 5. to preserve the files
 V. Other Responsibilities
 1. to gather the statistics of the workload
 2. to administer the auditors
 3. to organize the professional training of the teachers

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