SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law

Main Responsibilities of Personnel Division

Personnel division, under the leadership of the university, is in charge of personnel work of the whole university.
The main responsibilities are:
1. Making out teaching staff construction plan and putting into practice.
2. Teaching staff management, organization and position establishment management.
3. Recruitment and internal personnel arrangement.
4. High-level personnel introduction and cultivation.
5. Management of staff’s salary, allowances, welfare, and all kinds of insurances.
6. Assessment and engagement of professional titles.
7. Teaching staff’s continue education, cultivation, and visiting work at home and abroad.
8. Teaching staff, administrative cadres and other workers assessment, appraisal, training, rewards and punishment.
9. Teachers’ qualification affirmation.
10. Temporary workers management.
11. Drawing up documents about personnel work, archiving records and files, management and delivery of personnel files of the whole university.
12. Management of external teachers and establishment of external teachers’ data base; collection of all kinds of personal information and personnel, labor and capital statistics archiving.
13. Other assigned jobs.
Personnel Division has three subordinates: HR Management Section (Talent Exchange Center), Professional Title Management Section, and Labor and Capital Section.
Director: Li Faran Tel: 0531-88599829
Deputy Director: Sun Qingxiang Tel: 0531-88599855
HR Management Section (Talent Exchange Center)
Section Chief: Liu Shanghua Tel: 0531-88599830
Professional Title Management Section
Section Chief: Yi Xin Tel: 0531-88599855
Labor and Capital Section
Section Chief: Wang Huaying Tel: 0531-88599831

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