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Our University Won a Big Success in Examinations of National Judicial Qualifications, Civil Officials Recruitment and Postgraduate Enrollment

  In 2011, altogether 465 students in our university passed in the National Judicial Qualification Examination. 95% of the total students took part in this exam, and 54% has passed. The total pass rate is 51%, which is among the top of the nation.

299 students passed the Civil Officials Recruitment Examinations of all levels of the nation, accounting for 16% of the total graduates in 2011.
328 students passed the Postgraduate Enrollment Examination, accounting for 18% of the total graduates in 2011.
Our university attaches great importance to the quality of education, quality of personnel training and quality of student employment. In recent years, the overall employment rate of graduates has remained at about 90%, training a large number of outstanding application-oriented talents for the society.

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