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Social Evaluation: Shandong University of Political Science and Law is Awarded the Most Professional Characteristics Pioneer University

  Modern Education in Qilu Evening Paper has selected “Qilu Education Pioneer” on May, 8th, 2012. In the selection of “undergraduate university”, Shandong University of Political Science and Law is awarded “the most professional characteristics pioneer university”.

  Government, society, and universities are the three main bodies to assure the quality of higher education, also the main force in higher education quality evaluation. Under the historical background of open-schooling, and with the development and expansion of the social forces as well as closer ties between universities and society, various social forces can not be ignored in higher education quality assurance and evaluation activities. The value of social evaluation is gaining more and more recognition and attention.

  In recent years, the university adheres to the strategy of “dislocation competition and characteristic development”, highlighting the two main themes of “educational connotations and educational characteristics”. The characteristic system is effective, and the university brand is established gradually. With the expansion of social attraction and influence, the teaching quality and the employment situation has been widely recognized by the society. This selection is a further recognition of the schooling route of connotation development and characteristics development of our university.

  The major setting of the university involves 5 types of disciplines, i.e. law, management, economics, literature and engineering, in which about 20 courses have been rated as provincial and ministerial excellent courses, 5 majors identified as feature majors on provincial level, and 1 major set as a pilot reform major by the Ministry of Education. The university insists the idea of “giving prominence to features and enforce the science of law, while accord priority and plan the other subjects as a whole”. The university focuses on the development of legal subjects with traditional advantages as criminal law, economic law, civil and commercial law, theoretical law, and the like, and actively promotes prison administration, economics, management science, English, Japanese, computer informational management and other subjects. At present, the university has formed a discipline construction covering every second-rate subject in law. Supporting functions of the other disciplines, such as economics, management, literature and engineering become increasingly obvious. The university has taken shape in a particular discipline system of “law as the main body, while other subjects grow harmoniously”.

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