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Brief Introduction of Informatization construction office(Center of modern education technology)


The Network and Modern Education Technology Center was established in Aug. 2007 and was renamed as Informatization Office in Feb. 2012 which possesses the dual functions of administrational and vocational work. It consists of five section-level departments: General Office, Information Section, Network Section, Production Section and Instrumental Service Section.
Informatization construction office is the official institution where the leaders’ group of school’s informatization construction proceeds with the daily work. Meanwhile, as the functional department in charge of all the school’s informatization construction, it formulates the overall plan, rules and standards and organizes and implements the informatization project. More specifically, constructing the campus network and its information system, managing the security of the information, producing the video, maintaining the all-in–one card system and the multi-media devices in classroom are all within its authorities.
The construction of campus network began in 1999, and, so far, the infrastructural facilities of campus network have been accomplished to some extent. Connection to the core switches at the rate of Gigabit covers the whole campus. And the WLAN Network in students’ dormitories has been interconnected with campus network at a high speed. The campus network possesses three access connections, respectively Education and Research Network, Telecommunication Network and Unicom Networkachieving the intelligent network access and real time monitoring.
The Campus Network provides the staff and students with the services of surfing the internet, DNS analysis, Email, Portal Website and so on. With decades of construction, forty-six information portals, subsidiary web-sites and feature web-sites has taken shape, enabling all of the departments to possess websites. The sum of available network resources, embracing Network Courses, Quality Courses, Electronic Literature, Video and Audio Files and the like, have added up to 10T or so.
The construction of Digitized Campus is deemed as the priority of the informatization of the university under the principle of “Programme Integrally, Implement Orderly”, and the electronic network application systems have been established, including: Office Automation, Network Education, Educational Administration, Library Management, Financial Management, Scientific Research Administration, National Asset Management, File Management, Email, Video on Demand (VOD), Digital Recording and Playing of Trials, as well as All-in-one Card Application (including Electronic Pay, ID Authentication, Bank Deposit, Freshmen Orientation, Graduation, Campus Card Inquiry, Leaders’ Inquiry, Conference Punch-in, Entrance-Guard, Short Message Service, Mobile- phone Account Transfer etc.). On the basis of the applications of All-in-one Card, the Systems of Library Management and Educational Administration have become data-sharing, which has achieved the target of “Once ID Authentication, All Applications”. In conclusion, Informatization has served the education, administration and service agencies of the university.
The priority of the “five-year” plan in the informatization process is assigned to the construction of virtual data-center and the digitized integral campus application (Unified Data Application, Unified Identity Authentication, Personalized Portal), which aims to realize the combination of the available application systems and to make full utilization of new technologies, such as campus network, SMS application and ipV6, etc. Then, the transformation of network from management-oriented to service-oriented can be truly realized and the information-based environment for the staff and students can be accordingly provided.

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