SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law

A Successful Career Guidance Lecture “Employment---In the Field of Hope”

 Recently, 300-odd students attended a career guidance lecture entitled "Employment---In the Field of Hope", sponsored by the University Graduates Employment Service Center, Economic and Trade Law School and Journalism and Communication Department in the lecture theater in Zhiyuan Teaching Building.
 The lecturer, Mr. Li Jinyi, in charge of two companies and possessing abundant experience, graduated from Zhejiang University in 2000, and worked in a number of well-known enterprises as a professional manager.
 Mr. Li made a comprehensive analysis of the current employment situation, admitting that more and more college students have become confused in the face of increasingly severe employment situation. Mr. Li shared his experience to be well-prepared for prospective career in college in a vivid and humorous way. The on-the-spot "mock interviews" and other parts of the lecture served as a real representation of the interview process of the internationally famous enterprises, thus attracting students’ attention and achieving desired effect.

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