SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law

A Warm Welcome to 2010 Freshmen

 September 17th, 2010 witnessed up to 3,526 new students from all over the country entering the beautiful campus of Shandong University of Political Science and Law to start their new university life. They are to the school, what the injection of fresh blood is to the body, and thus the entire campus was full of youth and joy.
 In the spot, registration, goods distribution and other sectors were in an orderly manner. The new students went through enrolling process under the aid of skilled staff from the school. Staff at information desk patiently answered the questions from the students. The volunteer students from respective departments offered service to the new students warmly and thoughtfully, including directing the way, helping them with their luggage and in enrolling procedure. To facilitate the new students to register, the school set up a new reception center at the bus stop and railway station as well, shuttled buses picking up students to the university. Logistics unit of the school and University Hospital all prepared well for emergencies and took effective measures to guarantee the regular procedure of the enrollment.

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