SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law


Student Affairs Department, under the leadership of the University, is a university administrative body devoted to the education, management and service-offering of students. Its main responsibilities include the ideological and national defense education, students’ daily life management, awards and punishment systems, financial aid, scholarships management etc. It is also responsible for the arrangement, management, and assessment of the student counselors for all the departments, for psychological counseling, career guidance and graduates dispatch. Furthermore, it is in charge of students’ apartment management in cooperation with respective departments, of documents sorting and archiving; and of completing other tasks assigned by the university leaders.
 Student Affairs Department consists of five subordinates, namely, Student Education and Management Section, Student Apartments Management Section, Mental Health Education Center, Financial Aid Center and Graduates Employment Service Center.
 The website of “Students Affairs Online”, sponsored by Student Affairs Department (hereafter “SAD”), is devoted to carrying out ideological education and offering services for students. It consists of a broad range of online columns such as SAD news, portrait of super-students, team building, career guidance, financial aid, mental harbor and the other similar columns, combining student education with service-providing by making considerable use of the network. It has already become a base for mental education, and also a carrier of better services for enhancing the political awareness, and for leading the public opinions.

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