SHANDONG University of political science and law
SHANDONG University of political science and law

Special Features

 Over the decades, Student Affairs Department has been providing students with high-quality service.
 1. Characteristic Ideological Education
 College students’ ideological education is based on the 16th file issued by CCP. Giving free rein to our law education advantages, the modern law value notion and pursuit, namely, “law awareness, law belief, law spirit and law practice” have been merged into the ideological education of students, integrating the law education, moral education, ideological education and ethics education. Meanwhile, the foster of law belief, law spirit and outlook on world, life and value have been combined to promote the comprehensive development of the students. The specific-theme series of education activities, military training, defense training and colorful after-class activities have become the carriers to promote the ideological education by which the correct outlook on world, life , value, honor and disgrace have been established. The concepts of defense, security, patriotism, collectivism have been strengthened, and the will power, physique and character of students have been enhanced.
 2. Better Service and Fast Development
 Student Affairs Department has always tried to combine the concept of education, management and services to solve both ideological and practical problems, forming a distinctive management and service system to meet the growth demand of individual student on the basis of student-oriented notion. Heightened awareness of dormitory management, continuous improvement of working styles have become the focus of improving service quality of student apartments. For instance, maintenance will be made within 24 hours after receiving the students’ call and the follow-up feedback will be informed in time.
 3. Care for Sprit and Health
 Mental Health Education Center, aiming at caring both spirit and health to achieve a comprehensive development of physical and mental harmony, has established a “Five in One” mode of psychological health education for college students, consisting of classroom teaching, educational activities, guidance counseling, crisis intervention, investigation and research. It has established and refined the three-level warning and intervention mechanism of mental health crisis, as well as the promoted psychological quality education and mental health education to help students to establish mental health awareness, optimize psychological quality, and enhance psychological adjustment capacity and ability to adapt to social life, prevent and alleviate psychological problems.
 4. Students Aid and Motivation Inspiring
 Under the three-level leadership system of student aid leading group, student aid management center and school staff for student aid, “133” Supporting Project for students from poor families has been built with a diverse-supporting working notion of “three in one” and of aiding plus educating concept, namely, a system mainly based on the National Student Loan Program, supplemented by scholarships, work-study program, tuition remission, relief allowance, and social funding. In this process, great importance has been attached to the combination of funding from state, society and the university, of funding and the construction of learning atmosphere, and of funding, supporting and educating. Moreover, prominence has been given to motivation inspiring education, integrity education and gratitude education.
 5. Extraordinary Students’ Employment
 The business startups and employment service system has been constructed and perfected with the establishment of diversified, multi-level networking job market platform and remarkable achievements in guiding and educating students to start their own businesses, constructing internship base, organizing various recruiting activities. Based on the “going out, inviting in” concept, cooperation between university and enterprises, university and local government, industries, enterprises and other social organizations have been strengthened; the cooperation and joint of  the responsible departments, the human resource information nets and the trade networks achieved; a 170-square-meter Graduates Employment Negotiations Center constructed. Career guidance services by inviting experts and staff from human resource companies to deliver lectures and conduct seminars concerning career guidance have been carried out vigorously, improving graduates’ employment ability and skills.

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